noa, 18. "You tried to change, didn’t you? Closed your mouth more, tried to be softer, prettier, less volatile, less awake…You can’t make homes out of human beings. Someone should have already told you that."
❝ How to kill someone;
Hold their hand and then never touch their skin again,
See them nearly everyday and pretend they don’t exist,
Act like everything you ever said to them was a lie. ❞
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Anarstarpi, Iceland | Jens Klettenheimer

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Grace of Baal


Any machine can be beaten. Any defense overcome.


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The Borgias, The Face of Death (03x01)

"Think of what?"

"Of what happens next. Of what becomes of us if he dies. You, me, Lucrezia. Do you think we’ve made friends here? Do you think we can turn to our allies? Where are these allies, Cesare? Who are our friends? I’m not pope. Neither are you. Without him, what becomes of us?"

eyes find eyes.